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Common questions from FOnetworks’ customers

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1.How long does it take to receive my order?

It depends on what we are making. Most patch cords and jumpers can ship in 1-3 days. More advanced assemblies, cassettes and panels will take longer.

2.Where does my order ship from?

FOnetworks is located in Putnam, CT near the borders of MA and RI. The headquarters and all manufacturing are located in Putnam.

3.What methods are available for shipping?

Our preferred method is UPS, but we can ship UPS, Fedex or with a freight company.

4.We would prefer to use our own UPS account. Can we give you our account number so you can bill our UPS account? If you have a UPS or Fedex account number, we will bill accordingly. If not, we will add shipping to the invoice. We do not charge a handling fee.

5.Once the order is complete, how long will it take for us to receive it?

In general the east side of the US is 1-3 days, the west side is 3-5 days.

6.Do you ship outside of the US?

Yes, we ship worldwide.

7.How do I apply for a credit account?

If you are interested in applying for NET 30 terms, please contact someone in sales.

Hours of operation:

Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm ET

To contact us by phone:


To contact us by email:

To contact us by mail:


45 Danco Rd

Putnam, CT 06260

8.How do I return an item?

To return an item, please obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number from your sales rep. This number must be printed on the outside of the package in order for it to be received and processed. Merchandise must be shipped prepaid. We will determine if credit will be issued upon evaluation of the product and packaging after it’s returned to us.

9.What payment methods do you offer?

FOnetworks accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

FOnetworks offers NET 30 terms to qualified customers. If you would like to apply for NET 30 terms, email or call 877.270.9513.

10.How do I find a part number for a FOnetworks product?

Our website is searchable at You can also browse to Products and look for the item or pick a Category on the left hand side of the website. Or, you can email or call 877.270.9513.

11.I want a custom assembly at a specific length. Can I buy a custom length or do I have to buy standard lengths?

FOnetworks is a custom assembly house. We can make any length of any assembly. We pride ourselves on being able to manufacture custom assemblies in a timely fashion. Many of our competitors source their products in China and a custom length is either not possible or requires a lengthy delay.

12.What is the difference between a simplex and duplex fiber optic cable?

A simplex fiber optic cable consists of a single strand of fiber.

A duplex fiber cable consists of two strands of fiber.

13.What is the difference between Multimode and Singlemode fiber?

Main difference: Singlemode fiber has a lower power loss characteristic than multimode fiber, which means light can travel longer distances through it than it can through multimode fiber. Not surprising, the optics required to drive Singlemode fiber are way more expensive, especially considering any varying circumstances.

When to use each: Both Singlemode and modern Multimode fiber can handle 10G speeds. The most important thing to consider is the distance requirement. Within a data center, it's typical to use Multimode which can get you 300-400 meters. If you have very long runs or are connecting over longer distance, Singlemode can get you 10km, 40km, 80km, and even farther - you just need to use the appropriate optic for the distance required, and again, the prices go up accordingly.

Do you have a question that doesn’t appear here? If you have searched this page and still cannot find an answer to your question, no problem. Please email or call 877.270.9513. We will be happy to assist you.