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Transition Kits for 288 to 1728 Fiber Count Cables

Ribbon Breakout Solutions are divided into two categories, direct termination and transition.

Direct termination kits are designed to protect individual ribbons for direct termination with MTP/MPO connectors.  These kits can also be used with SPKR series kits for terminating with single fiber connectors such as LC, SC, ST, etc.

Transition kits route and protect groups of ribbon fibers for routing to splice trays, or can be used with Direct Termination Kits as a means of breaking down high fiber count cables for direct termination.  Kits accept traditional and rollable ribbon cable designs.

Direct Termination

 ubr-2.png     Direct termination with MTP/MPO or for secure routing.
UBR Series      
ubk.png + spkr-kit.png

Order 1 SPRK Kit for each leg of the 

UBR Kit for direct termination with single fiber connectors.


Example:  1 UBR-72 kit requires 6 SPKR-12 kits for direct 

termination with LC connectors.

UBR Series   SPKR-12  
Part Number

Number of 

12 Fiber Ribbons

Number of SPKR-12 Kits

(for single fiber terminations)


1 1
UBR-24 2 2
UBR-36 3 3
UBR-48 4 4
UBR-72 6 6
UBR-96 8 8
UBR-144 12 12




Transition Solutions

xbr-image-2.png         Routing groups of ribbon fibers to splice trays for splicing or to panels.
XBR Series          
xbr-image-2.png + ubr-2.png    

Order 1 UBR Kit for each group of 12 ribbons for direct termination of MTP/MPO or for secure single ribbon routing.

Example:  288 fiber ribbon cable

(1) XBR-288

(2) UBR-144

XBR Series   UBR Series      
xbr-image-2.png + ubr-2.png + spkr-kit.png

Order 1 UBR Kit for each group of 12 ribbons

Order 12 SPKR-12 Kits for each leg of the UBR Kit for direct termination with single fiber connectors (LC, SC, etc.)

Example:  864 fiber cable


(1) XBR-864

(6) UBR-144

(72) SPKR-12

XBR Series   UBR Series   SPKR Series  


Part Number Fiber Count Ribbons/XBR Tube XBR Tubes UBR Kits SPKR-12 Kits
XBR-288 288 12 2 2 24
XBR-576 576 12 4


XBR-864 864 12 6 6 72
XBR-1152 1152 12 8 8 96
XBR-1728 1728 12 12 12 144

No special tools required - Easily identified color coded tubing - Fits any manufacturer’s cable - Installs in minutes - Protects and manages bare fiber